Tuesday, July 12, 2011

35 and Thankful

I woke up to a great morning.  I usually check my phone emails and there they are, 250+ notifications of greetings from friends near and far. Birthday greetings flooded my facebook page and I was enveloped in happiness.  I just turned 35.

I wish I could have responded to each greeting but in my heart, I want to hug each and everyone who remembered me.

There are also a ton of things I thought I should be thankful for despite my situation.  Of course, there are moments of anxiety, frustration, pain, depression and sadness but looking back at these things I am grateful for, they make me smile.

I have learned to let go a little.  Smile more.  Appreciate more.  Love more and say it to people I love meaningfully at every chance I get.

Thankful that cancer has taught me to live life now and appreciate what lies in front of me rather than worry about what lies ahead... these make it worth every while.  

I have three wishes on my birthday:
- to live long to see James have children of his own
-to grow old with Jim and hold hands with him till our hairs are all grey
-to be an instrument and advocate of early detection of breast cancer among young men and women and that there be more knowledge about the BRCA genetic testing especially in the Philippines where there is none. 

If you can , please help in raising funds for Krissy's Breast Cancer treatment:


  1. if you believe these wishes to be true, then consider all of them granted. The Lord hears every wish in our hearts.

  2. Thank you Lally. I love you bestfriend.

  3. I had been introduced to your blog by a mutual friend and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me in so many ways. I recently saw a documentary about Dr. Max Gerson's research and therapy for Cancer patients. I would hope you can find some hope as I did in this information. The documentary is called The Gerson Miracle and is free to watch on Youtube. May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for your courage and for your light in this world. - Rose :)

  4. hugs até krissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Rose! I wish I could meet you someday! -Krissy

  6. Hi I don't know if you know me, but we have mutual friends in FB, I'm from La Salle also, and got this site from Ms. Tisha.
    Together with my family, we will be offering prayers, believe that the Lord Jesus is alive and powerful in all ways, He is the Master Healer and He loves you so much! There is always a reason why people suffer, like in your case, though we don't know why, He will be the one to answer that and you will find that out for your self.
    I almost lost a lovely daughter due to DKA, Diabetes Keto-Acidosis, but He answered our prayers, though right now we inject her with insulin twice daily to keep her alive and well, the doctor said it is for life, but I claim it not, we declared healing for her in Jesus name, the same goes with you! She is only 7 yrs old, btw.
    Just keep fighting the battle! I thank God for your life being poured out for the benefit of many, your life definitely has a big purpose!
    Here is a link of how my daughter have fought through it, http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/2011/05/only-party-family-hosted.html
    God's blessing of peace, joy and love to your family!

    Joy Calipes-Felizardo

  7. Hi Krissy,
    Just been diagnosed BC two weeks ago and still struggling. I am currently 36weeks pregnant and I do understand your feeling to James. Your story will help me to face similar journey soon. We are supporting each other! My journal is here (in Bahasa Indonesia) http://melawankankerpayudara.wordpress.com/