Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost Half of Young Breast Cancer Patients Stop Tamoxifen Early

I was searching for effects of stopping tamoxifen early. Because right now I feel a splitting headache that radiates down my neck, feeling nauseated, feverish and feeling like I'm coming down with a flu.

Its nothing compared to the bone pains, fatigue and sometimes waking up and not being able to get out of bed because of bone and joint pains. Tamoxifen side effects can hit BC survivors worse who are pre-menopausal.

It's not a self-fulfilling prophecy because my oncologist and I didn't know if it was from tamoxifen until I was allowed to temporarily stop for two weeks. Two weeks, that's all the break I could get. Of course it's up to me if I will take my medication again and live the next five years with severe bone pains, exploding hot flashes that feel like being on fire from head to toe, confusion and difficulty concentrating, lack of libido, fatigue on top of fatigue from running after an active toddler, menopausal symptoms and not being allowed to have a child until hormone treatment is over.

I don't want to be part of the statistics that stopped their medication to alleviate the life-affecting and debilitating side effects. USA today and the American society of Clinical Oncologists reported that Half of Breast Cancer patients stop taking hormone drug But I also don't want to suffer for five years. A survivor's body has been a battlefield, from battery of tests to diagnose, to surgeries, to chemotherapy, to radiation and now the side effects of drug treatment. But diagnostic tests, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation are all time-limited. You see the light of each tunnel and there are options given to ease the side effects. Five years to live with pains seems too long.

I wish there was a way to alleviate the severe side effects among young women to help us adhere to the treatment long enough to finish it. The side effects are not just a list on the drug label. Its real and I experience it.

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  1. Hi. How are you doing? Just stumbled on your blog looking for BRCA testing in the Philippines and I noticed that you havent updated for a while. I hope everything's fine.

    1. Hi Dardar!

      Thank you for your comment and for checking in on me.

      I'm generally good these days. I've had a little more energy. Been busy with my growing 3 year old who's about to start preschool next month. I started a small home business selling online clothing and accessories. I can say its such a nice feeling because I feel like I'm starting to get my life back.

      On the health side, I have been under the care of a gynecologist-oncologist since I was diagnosed of being BRCA 2 positive. In my recent checkup, he found an abnormally big cyst on my left ovary. I don't have much details about it yet because he wants me to come back in 6 weeks to see what will be the next steps. I will also see my oncologist next week, July 22. He will tell me if I'm stable enough to remove my port-a-cath.

      I'm sorry I haven't been able to post for a while. I promise to update next week. Especially with the new symptoms I've been having.

      Thank you for keeping in touch!


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