Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MRI, PET Scan, CT and all other tests

Finally, I finished all the tests today, after two days of IV, poking, being inside the machines for hours and the biopsies.

My actual breast MRI. Red spots are the cancerous tumors. 
I had the breast MRI done yesterday where they put an IV line on my arm and made me lie face down on the bed that goes into the machine.  The bed has two holes where the breasts would go in and hang down.  Then the dye was injected and the test went on for 25 minutes.

The PET scan and CT scan followed in the afternoon.  It took a little longer preparation.  I had to fast for 6 hours before the test.  Then when I checked in, I was made to drink three cups of barium sulfate.  Eewww.  It tasted like creamy metal with an orangy twist.  But because I was so hungry I gulped down one cup.  I started to feel a little sick so when I told the nurse, he said I don't need to finish the other two cups.  Might as well keep the one I have ingested already than risk throwing.  Then they injected a radioactive glucose in my IV line which will show up in the scan.  Cancer cells take up the glucose as their food. I rested for 45 minutes while they wait for the stuff to be completely absorbed my body. Then it took about another 45 minutes inside the machine while they took the scans.

I was told that I will be radioactive for the next 24-48 hours.  So I cannot be near or hold baby James during this period.  They said to be safe, dont hold him for 48 hours, but if needed, 24 hours is okay.

It was rough because I have been away the whole day and when I got home, baby James saw me and wanted to be carried.  I tried for a few seconds and had to give him back to daddy.  He was crying a lot wanting to be held so I decided to just leave the house that evening till he goes to bed and I can come home.  I was out till 12:30am.

The next day was mammogram, ultrasound and triple biopsy.  They were also putting a clip on each tumor and a coil.

The mammogram went ok except when the cancer breast was pressed between the paddles, it hurt.  The ultrasound were always the easiest.  Then came the biopsy.

They took samples from the bigger lump again and placed a titanium clip inside the tumor.  They used core needle biopsy on the bigger lump and 5 samples/vials were taken. The ouchiest part is the anesthesia.  After numbing, all I can feel was pressure and clicking of the biopsy gun.

On the smaller lump, vacuum-assisted biopsy was used.  A titanium clip was also placed plus a coil.  This time, there were drilling and vibrating inside the breast that I can feel. They took 7 samples on the smaller one.

Lastly, they tried to biopsy the lymph nodes that are involved.  When they were injecting the anesthesia, the pain was unbearable. The doctor said it was because it was going to the muscles where the lymph nodes are lodged in.  They had to stop and cancel getting the samples because of the pain.  They said it will not change the treatment anyway because the MRI and PET scans confirmed cancer in the lymph nodes.

I felt  dizzy and lightheaded, with some chills after the procedure so I waited a few hours at the hospital before driving home.

I'm still feverish and in pain as of now, (after 24 hours) but hopefully it will go away.  I was advised not to lift anything heavy for a week.

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