Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New 'Do for a Cause and Getting Ready for Surgery

I just finished my patient surgery education class today at the breast cancer center. It was so helpful because they showed us what to expect before, during and after surgery. It helps to know because it lessens the anxiety. Now I think I'm ready for the big day tomorrow!

The hospital just called late this afternoon today and told me that I was moved up as the first case of the day so I have to check-in at 4:45 AM. Surgery will be at 7AM and will last for 10-12 hours.

After the class, I decided to finally have my hair cut in preparation for chemo treatment. I might not be up for going to the salon while recovering from surgery so I want to have it done now.

I've also decided to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. As they have said: "A real-hair wig allows a woman to look in the mirror and at least see a familiar face while she fights to regain a sense of normalcy in her life." I want my long hair to go to a worthy cause before I lose it.

As Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are created, they are distributed for free through select American Cancer Society wig banks across the country. Women facing cancer can find out about the availability of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig by calling the American Cancer Society at 1-877-227-1596. The Society can also help callers with a number of resources providing educational and emotional support. More info on Pantene Beautiful Lengths. 

So after preparing my hair for donation according to their requirements, here it is:

All 13 inches will go to a woman's wig so it may help her in coping through recovery.

And the final look: 


Off to bed now with the new 'do, for a three hour sleep before surgery.
Jim will blog for me while Im in recovery.

If you can , please help in raising funds for Krissy's Breast Cancer treatment:


  1. you look amazing teta! all positive thoughts and prayers your way :)

  2. You do look amazing. You pull off the short hair look! Even with all that you have to think about, it is awesome that you have the capacity to think of others. You are one of the good ones and a treasure to all that have the pleasure of knowing you.

  3. just read this today... para lang nung high school tayo! :D God Bless Krissy! Mwah!