Saturday, March 19, 2011

The (Un)Sweet Pain of Success

Word. This is Jim, Krissy lesser half, steppin' in to update her legion of fans of her current medical condition. (This might not be my last cameo, so I apologize in advance for my obnoxious writin' style, insensitive humor, bad breath, poor posture...etc.)

So, Krissy had her first surgery yesterday, March 17, 2011. She insisted to undergo the knife on St. Patty's Day 'cause she stated that she already associated pain with the taste of Irish food. (She didn't really say that.)

Our day started off at 3:30 a.m. with typical chaos. When we were in line to check-in for surgery, a fire alarm went off. I asked Krissy if she wanted to evacuate the buildin', to which she scoffed. She was motivated to remove this' she was probably still half-asleep an' not of sound mind. After 10 minutes of sirens an' flashin' lights, the alarm was deemed false an' we were allowed to enter.

Once inside, we discovered that since a standard arm insertion might obstruct the surgeons' accessibility to her breasts, the nurse stated that he needed to place the intravenous drip (IV) into Krissy's foot. Not known for her vast pain threshold, Krissy squealed an' squirmed to such a degree that he simply gave up an' suggested knockin' her out with gas first. (He was serious.) Luckily, Krissy's plastic surgeon permitted that the IV could be placed in her left arm an' he'd work 'round it. (I liked the gas idea.)

Regardless of the initial (figurative) speed bumps, Krissy weathered the 12-hour surgery like a champ. (Admittedly, she was unconscious.) Both of her breasts were successfully removed an' her belly fat was utilized to make two new ones. As Krissy had previously blogged, when she gains future weight, her boobs will grow, so everybody wins! (Who said cancer doesn't have it's perks?)

Anyway, Krissy is now restin' uncomfortably in the hospital. She's in considerable pain, but has a morphine drip to help when things get too intense. She lies under an inflated, plastic heatin' device, used to blanket her organs an' keep 'em warm. Krissy has to blow in a tube, at least ten times per hour, to keep her airways clear an' prevent pneumonia. Her throat was roughed up from the anesthesiologist's air tube, her abdomen is very sore, she feels nauseous, has a fever an' has yet been able to eat. (We were warned that the first couple of days, post-surgery, would be rough, an' they're provin' to be just that.)

However, she is lucid, drinkin' water an' textin', facebookin' an' talkin' (albeit softly). Each day will pass an' Krissy will feel better/grow stronger. (She'll be back to performin' cartwheels in no time.)

We'd like to thank everybody for the overwhelmin' amount of love an' support that we've received durin' this time of hardship. From offers of free meals/babysittin'/transportation to countless encouragin' sentiments, all yo' sweet efforts have really made a considerable difference in Krissy's demeanor an' motivation. The feelin' of bein' "sick" can be quite isolatin', but when people reach out, it reminds Krissy of her place/value in other's lives an' helps her to keep focused on recovery. Since I need her more than anyone, I applaud you all for actively readin'/participatin' in this blog.

If you didn't keep Krissy's spirit so strong, I'd have to raise a two-year old solo, which is a fate that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

(By the way, if the font size is different in spots, I have no idea as to why. E-mail an' complain.)

If you can , please help in raising funds for Krissy's Breast Cancer treatment:


  1. Hi Jim, this was really an inspiring blog. I'm glad the surgery went well, and we're really pulling for you guys in this tough situation.

  2. Have....

    So glad you guys are blogging this... it's nice to know that everything went well... rest well krissy... onward to recovery, just think that now you will have a flatter, sexier tummy... oh lala we can now do a photo shoot in the beach...

  3. Jim & Krissy, I am sending prayers your way for all 3 of you. Please call if there is anything I can help with.

  4. Thinking about you guys and wishing Krissy a speedy recovery!

  5. Jim, Krissy and James - you guys are my heroes, a model family. Keep the love and the hope flowing!

  6. Wow, you JIM writes the blog so much better!!! You are promoted to head writer and editor!

  7. I have shared this blog with friends of mine who are rooting for you guys! You are such an inspirational family! <3

  8. I have an eye on your progress Krissy! Keep up the great job, huggs!! - Laura Conti

  9. You guys are ALL so amazing! What a strong woman you are Krissy. Jim and little J smooth are so lucky to have such a strong mother like you! You are amazing. Keep strong!! Lots of love.

    The Diamonds in Mass

  10. God is so Good for Krissy and her family. We, her HS friends/batch mates, are always here to be her at least moral support. Through thick and thin, Giving a helping hand and a pat on the back. Thanks Jim for taking care of our Krissy. God bless u both and for Krissy... be strong! Love yah sweetie :)

  11. Hang in there :) Thank you, Jim, for keeping us updated. Happy to read on this blog that Ate Teta (that's how we called her back in school here in Manila) is recovering well :) We're still praying for all of you :)